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Oregon Aerial
Oregon Aerial

Oregon Aerial

Enjoy the view from Oregon

Check out this very amateur video featuring some of my favorite spots in my home state. Please enjoy in full screen.

Be sure to watch in HD because we live in the future.


Here are a few shots that didn’t make the cut (often because they weren’t recorded in the right resolution):

My wife enjoying one of our favorite swim spots.
My dad at the coast.
Almost flying into a crashing wave.
A leap from High Rock.
Benham Falls on the Deschutes River.
The coast near Seal Rock.

What I learned

I’m a bad drone pilot.

I need to work on smooth turns, and doing more maneuvers than simply panning the camera up or down, which got really old in this video.

4K and 60fps or bust.

I have some stellar shots at the Oregon coast (some of them are featured in the Outtakes above), but I recorded them in 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second instead of 4K and 60. That limited what I could include in the final video.

AI music is the real deal.

I barely scratched the surface with AIVA and will use its track editor more next time, to customize the auto-generated song more. For example, the ending of this song is super abrupt and I’d have loved to smoothen that out a bit.

Under the hood

These shots were recorded in 4K by my DJI Mini 2 between 2020 and 2022 across western and central Oregon.

I edited the film in After Effects and created the music with AI using AIVA, a super easy tool to generate AI music (with a free subscription too!).

I used Mapbox to design the map.